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Armando - Owner / Painter

As the owner of Canadian Auto LTD, Armando is responsible for providing leadership to all employees and ensuring daily operations run smoothly. He manages the shop's labor inventory and expenses while properly assigning and dispatching work, complying with governmental requirements.

Furthermore, he is an Automotive Painter who is mainly responsible for making the necessary aesthetic and cosmetic changes to the exterior of vehicles.


Justene - Receptionist

As our receptionist, Justene is responsible for maintaining work records and logs, performing clerical duties such as filing, sorting, and distributing mail, as well as operating our telephone system.

She receives calls, determines their business's nature, and directs callers to their destination. She answers basic inquiries, routes incoming calls, takes messages, and provides essential information to clients and the public.


Arjay - Auto Painter / Technician

Arjay is our Automotive Painter and Technician. In addition to repairing damage and performing replacements of mechanical units, Arjay is responsible for making cosmetic repairs to vehicles.

He is skilled in the intricate craft of matching old paint to new colors and then applying the paint to a car using specific equipment such as a spray gun.


Gringgo - Auto Body / Technician

Gringgo is our Auto Body Technician who repairs vehicles and focuses exclusively on the exterior of automobiles. He performs repairs but may also replace parts to help the vehicle owner achieve a particular aesthetic or upgrade functionality.

His duties include performing test drives, inspections, and other diagnostic tests on vehicles to identify where problems exist and determine which parts need to be repaired or replaced.


Rommel - Mechanic / Bodyman

Rommel is our Bodyman and Mechanic who repairs and restores damaged motor vehicle body parts and interior finishing and replaces automotive glass. He also inspects, diagnoses, and services mechanical, electrical, and electronic systems and components of cars, buses, and light and commercial transport trucks.

Moreover, he generates timelines, estimates for repairs, and discusses budgetary options with clients.


Arnell - Painter / Technician

Arnell is our Automotive Technician and painter, who is primarily responsible for the repair and maintenance of automotive equipment. His duties include performing inspections and running vehicle diagnostic tests, as well as replacing damaged and outdated components.

He uses welding machines to replace parts, refinish vehicles to prepare them for painting, perform fiberglass body repair work, and paint the vehicles himself.


Maxi - Auto Detailer / Technician

Maxi is our Auto Detailer and Technician, who provides automotive interior and exterior cleaning services that meet company or client specifications.

In addition to that, he handles everything from a simple wash and vacuum to more intensive repair jobs, including hand washing vehicles, steaming and deodorizing interiors, and applying waxes, polishes, or protective agents to cars.


Don - Auto Mechanic

Don is our Automotive Mechanic who primarily diagnoses, repairs, and helps prevent problems with vehicle performance and ensure that vehicles operate in a safe, reliable manner. He also performs preventative maintenance on vehicles, such as performing oil changes, flushing and replacing fluids, and replacing brakes.

Furthermore, he inspects internal systems and controls to ensure that vehicles are operating correctly and comply with state regulations.

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3850 19 St NE #6, Calgary, AB T2E 6V2, Canada

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